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Even cheaper mobile calls

So I finally got round to playing around with VoIP on my Samsung Galaxy.

I must state that I am in love with this phone - but what drives the love ever deeper is my free phone calls !

It's as if I am going out with a beautiful girl and she turns out to be 'low maintenance' & easy going as well!!!!
Who could say 'no' to that !?!

So here is how you get free phone calls on your Android ... actually you can do exactly the same for your iPhone.  All you have to do is to download a VoIP App and install it on your phone. You need to follow a few basic on screen instructions - ain't difficult ... if I can do it, you can !  But the idea is that instead of using your mobile connection, you route your outgoing calls down your VoIP line.

And of course you can route all your incoming calls to your mobile.

What does this mean ... well I have stopped using my old landline handset. I mean, I always use my mobile in the office.  So I only have one handset.  One handset at home, in the office, on the move and yet my costs are still falling !

Quite incredible what you can do with free apps !




VoIP Small Business Case Study

OK - sorry for not writing sooner.  I thought I would get some solid figures in before I reported back so that you can get a good idea of how much it costs / saves. Here is my VoIP Case Study.

So my old BT bill came in half way through September, so I looked out the last year's costs.

The BT bill for 4 of us came to £533    (I'll quote everything without VAT).
The costs with the new Cisco system were £396.
And I think we were making about the same volume of calls.

So we have definitely saved some money on the bills - but not like 50%
But we did fork out £700.  So it's going to take a year and bit to pay for the kit.

I must say that the new kit is a joy to work with - really enjoying the call forwarding and also - very surprisingly - the quality of the calls is better than the old land line - this I was not expecting.

So would I do the VoIP experiment again?
A guarded, but happy yes.
I will definitely save money, over 2 years.
And we really needed the flexibility (sometimes we work at home).
But for me, the saving is about  25%

My advice: talk to someone who won't give too much BS - so they can guide you through - cos there can be a little bit of brain ache with trying to work out what is best.

If you are a small business like me VoIP, has saved me money and also given me far greater flexibility.






My new box has arrived

Ooooh lovely new bit of kit arrived  Cisco UC320 (£400)  .... 24 users ...  ( errr we only have 6 people in the company !)  ( well we are ambitious ).

And we also bought 6 IP phones ... we got a mixture from ebay ... some Siemens (DECT handsets) and a panasonic and 2 Cisco desk phones.

So, all in all we have spent a little shy of £700.  But we need the flexibility of routing calls round to mobiles and people working from home and basically offering a 24/7 service to our clients.

I think that my basic telephone bill will be about half of what it would normally be ... I'll let you know .... :)


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Sharing my experiences with VoIP

So I thought I'd share my experiences with VoIP and see if any one else would like to heave in with their own experiences.

Me yesterday

a phone yesterday

If you are like me, you probably heard all about VoIP and had some techy friend extol the virtues.  But I didn't quite understand it and I really wanted to understand about the downside .

So this is my story; there are 6 people in my company and I think that we can cut our telephone expenses which last year were about £950. My mate Dan says I should look into VoIP but I don't really understand it. But I find this article which is pretty good:  VoIP for business  this helped explain the basics.

But what no one told me is there are two types of VoIP solutions.  There are internet hosted solutions and there are hardware boxes you buy and plug into your broad band connection.

phone systems london

humorous analogy

So the internet hosted solution, basically all your calls are sent to your VoIP comany and they send them down your broadband connection but you have to buy new VoIP handsets so that when the call is sent down your broadband connection, it can find the right telephone. But cos it is an internet hosted solution, you get all kinds of  features like answerphone and call divert (for when you go on holiday).  I found this little demo that shows the list of features that you might like (VoIP features presentation)

Internet Hosted Solutions

Buying some hardware - ooo000h
Now this sounded a little scary to me at first because frankly our IT has been a right pain. But in the end this is the solution I went for. So basically you buy a big box (a router) that you stick into your broadband connection.  And you plug all your computers and all your phones into the same box. We've got 6 people in the office and six PCs and six telephones, so I bought a box with 20 sockets and it cost me £400.  The question is, why did I go for the hardware option instead of the internet based package?

5 Companies I Called  
8/10 The IT Solution
7/10 Elmbrook 
7/10 GenzeeVoice
6/10 Platform 12

5/10 Invomo

All VoIP companies
All VoIP comapny websites have a picture of a pretty girl that you will never speak to.  For clarification I have added a picture of someone that you are more likely to speak to.

pretty girl you won't speak to

person you will speak to

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